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From ROCINews - Volume 1, Issue 7

At the last meeting, Mario passed around a milled piece of PVC pipe. Rick Weber, another ROCI member, had milled it inside and out to be used as a payload section. What a great use of PVC this was. After seeing this payload section, I wanted to share with the club one of the things I made for rocketry using PVC pipe.

It is very easy to make and cost less then $10.00 using parts from your favorite lumber yard. I bought mind at Menards.

Here is what you will need:

  1. One end-cap for the size of PVC you are using. This should be larger then the biggest reload you will want to clean in it. I used 2 inch pipe for my 38 mm casings.
  2. One piece of PVC pipe cut to the length of the longest case to be cleaned in it.
  3. One test plug
  4. PVC glue

After you have cut the PVC pipe to length, glue the end-cap to one end. Make sure that you get online casinos a good seal all around pipe and cap so that it doesn't leak.

That’s all there is to it! You are now ready to clean those cases.

To use, put your dirty case and closures in the pipe and add your favorite cleaner (I use vinegar). Screw on the test plug and shake for a few minutes. Remove and finish cleaning with paper towels or baby-wipes.

I always felt like I needed to clean my cases right after they were used. Now I just put them in the cleaning chamber with vinegar and move on to prepping my next rocket.

If you like this cleaning chamber, you may also want to check out the altimeter test chamber I made with PVC from plans I found at this site ( http://spacewarptechnology.com/SWT/ ).

If you have a good rocketry related use for PVC please share it with the rest of us.