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From ROCINews - Volume 1, Issue 8

In early September, ROCI’s president received a call from Mr. Mike McLaughlin, a Scout Master with Cub Scout Pack #22. Mr. McLaughlin’s scouts were soon to receive model rocket kits to build and fly and he was hoping that someone from our club could attend one of their meeting to answer some questions from the scouts and their parents. Gary Degler and Mario Perdue had both been Scouts when they were younger so they gladly volunteered to help.

Cub Scout Photo The presentation at the pack meeting was pretty straight forward. Gary and Mario brought several different rockets for the kids to look at. They also printed some posters and handouts from the Estes Educator’s Web Site. Mario started the presentation by distributing the handouts (his wife, Pam, took care of this chore) then gave a short talk about our hobby, how rockets work, our safety record, etc. They spent a little time answering questions for both the scouts and their parents. It was obvious that some of the parents were looking forward to this as much as their kids. Finally, the presentation was ended and the entire pack was invited to our next launch to fly their rockets.

The ROCI launch on Saturday, October 6th, did not look very promising as there was about a 15 mph wind out of the west and it was a very cold Till havs har de bedrivit onlinesverigecasinon.com och automatverksamhet pa Finlandsfarjorna sedan 1973 och pa internet borjade PAF erbjuda spel ar 1999. day. Nevertheless, by noon, everyone with the launch equipment had arrived at the AMA field up in Muncie. No one was making an effort to get the range set up, because it was so windy that several people had not even brought any rockets to fly that day. We still ended up with about a dozen or so members showing up, three from Muncie and the rest from Indy. After much standing around and talking, or retreating to vehicles to warm up, and a few half-hearted attempts to try and get someone to commit to launch something, we decided to call it a day around 1:30. Most everyone had headed back what is casino poland the best online casino to Indy by the time the Cub casino Scout Pack showed up around 2:00, and those boys were raring to launch the Pack-supplied slots online Estes kits that they had built. Although the club launch equipment was rolling on it's way back to town, the Scouts had one Porta-pad and Electron Beam launch system with them and it was quickly decided that, wind or not, these casino francais legal boys were going to fly.

Cub Scout PhotoFour ROCI members, Jim and Matt Stum, Greg May and Gary Degler, helped the boys get the launch area set up and start prepping their rockets for flight. The boys (and a couple of sisters, younger brothers and parents) had done a very nice job building their kits, and there were some cool innovative paint jobs. With the help and supervision of the ROCI members, the Scouts and their staff proceeded to conduct more that 25 rocket launches. Their streamer equipped kits, coupled with the low power A8-3 motors, were the ideal combination for that windy day. A (young) recovery team quickly and enthusiastically formed about 50 yards east of the launch pad, where most of the streamered rockets were landing. There were many successful flights, along with a very few separations or ejection failures. Overall, the Scouts did a great job, doing their own countdowns and 'button pushing', and despite the cold and wind everyone seemed to have a great time. After a quick snack and drinks, the Scoutmaster called an end to the activities around 4:00 so everyone could get back inside a warm vehicle and head back to Indy.

The Cub Scout Pack has been invited to attend the November 3rd ROCI launch, where the weather could very likely be better than it was this day. They were also invited to the Amorea launch at Ft. Ben on October 21st, when some Boy Scout from Lebanon, Indiana should be launching as well. And they certainly seemed interested in seeing some launches that were much bigger and more powerful than their A8-3 flights. I think we definitely have some potential future ROCI club members.