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This site was created as a resource for anyone interested in hobby rocketry in central Indiana.

This is also the source for information on the Rocketeers Of Central Indiana (ROCI), Section #625 of The National Association of Rocketry (NAR). Feel free to check here for information about ROCIs launch events. The launch events are conducted throughout the warmer months at the Academy of Model Aeronautics' Headquarters and Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana. This facility is the finest flying field in the state and ROCI is proud to be the exclusive host of the rocketry events held there. ROCI is not currently conducting meetings as we have lost our meeting place.

Registered users of this site are free to visit our forum pages to discuss rocketry topics and share information with other members.

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Upcoming site changes 2 years 6 months ago #2483

I'm going to be starting on a much overdue revamp of the web site soon. Expect to find the site offline from time to time as I work on things.

I'd also like to add some new items but some of it will require participation for the rest of you.

I'd like to add a News Page that features rocketry related news written by ROCI/AMOREA members (or others) and/or news from around the internet. This would require that people be willing to write and submit news items.

I'd like to add a BLOG page or set of BLOG pages if people are willing to take the time to Blog about what they are doing.

I hope to improve the forum and calendar apps so they are more reliable and usable.

I'd like to see the site become an active source of news and information about the rocketry hobby.

I'm certainly open to other suggestions.

The following user(s) said Thank You: Jim Stum

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Upcoming site changes 2 years 5 months ago #2486

I like the idea of being able to Blog what one is working on or thinking about related to rocketry on a club web page when a person does not have the time to develop an idea enough to publish in Sport Rocketry or submit a project and attend NARCON. I started working on a research-type project last summer and made progress, but eventually realized it would take way more time than I had to achieve a product for NARCON or Sport Rocketry that would meet my standards and theirs. So starting something on a club web page would be much more doable. Then a person has to make a decision. Do I continue to work alone and not post so I can get credit for my idea and work later. Or do I post because I know I don't have time to flush the idea out well enough for NARCON or Sport Rocketry, so it will never happen, but I have made progress and I know what still needs to be done and this may have a significant contribution to the hobby?

Mario notes this would require people to be willing to take the time to Blog on a club page. Having a place to do that might solve a time problem for those with an idea, but not enough time to get their idea into a more formally publishable form.

Wishing I was at today's launch, but no time.

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