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November 14th launch 1 week 6 days ago #3115

Waiver has been activated for Saturday. Winds will generally be from the southeast around 10mph. There is a chance of rain. I will post final go/no go for the launch tomorrow evening.
I will bring a print out of the predicted winds to about 7000ft.
Hope to see everybody there.
As a reminder, please plan on wearing masks at the launch tables and pads and bring hand sanitizers.

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November 14th launch 1 week 5 days ago #3116

Looks like the rain is going to hold off until the late afternoon, so we are a go for tomorrow.
Currently surface winds are predicted from the southeast most of the day starting at 10mph early and increasing to 15mph.
Winds at 6000 are from the southeast at 25mph.

We will start setting up at 9AM and launch until 5PM unless the rain dictates otherwise.

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November 14th launch 1 week 4 days ago #3117

Well, I guess I should read my posts before i post them. Winds at 6000 ft are more from the WSW so the drift will be over to where the corn used to be. See you all at the field.

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November 14th launch 1 week 3 days ago #3118

Rocketarium Turbo Vortico "Where's Waldo" Stills on G75M and G72DM motors. Both flew "well" and got some serious altitude for a helicopter Odd-Roc. You could hear the whirr/turbine sound on ascent.
This is the second "metal storm" I have flown and this motor gets hot. It roasted the trailing edges of my MDRM fins when I flew one, and it roasted Waldo pretty good as well, no permanent damage though. Recommend heavy duty motor mount tube or fiberglass and JB weld original for this motor. The DM was cooler running and almost same performance - think it may have gone a little higher. When Waldo is repainted from the roasting, think another G72DM may be in order : ) This is a GOOD Odd-roc and easy to assemble.

Turned out to be a really good flying day - winds dropped the flights on the South side of the road and NO CROPS!!! Got 9 flights in and all successfully recovered.
Cheers / Robert

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November 14th launch 1 week 3 days ago #3119

As Robert stated above, it was a good flying day. Wind and rain played nice, although it tried to rain a little on Bruce as he was out recovering his rocket.
In total, we launched 33 rockets, burned 34 motors, with Allan launching a two stage rocket on a D12-0 to D12-7.
Total motors burned: J-1 H-3 G-5 F-9 E-3 D-5 C 2 B 1 A 3 1/4A 1 1/8A 1.
Bruce's Marco Polo tracker worked great, leading him right to his rocket that had wandered into the wood southeast of the site.

Thanks everyone for coming out.
Thanks to WSR for bringing their controller down for us to use.
Thanks to Lee Berry and Merlin Missiles for supporting everyone's rocketry habit with supplies and knowledge.

i will be posting connections for monthly zoom meeting, 2nd Tuesday of each month starting next month.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gary Degler, Emet Talley

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