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Model Rocket Kits for Sale 7 years 6 months ago #1945's time to thin my rocket collection. Well, really I'm more like a rocket hoarder. But I finally realized there's no way I'll build the 8 large tubs full of rocket kits. So I'm putting some of them up for sale. I'm giving local flyers a chance to buy before posting them on eBay or some other auction.

email me at '" and we can arrange shipping or physical pickup. I work in Indy, live near Lebanon, and occasionally shop in Lafayette. If I ship, I'll weigh it and give the quoted ship price from USPS or UPS. I'm not out to make money on shipping. If you are not satisfied with condition I will refund your money-I stand behind what I sell.

Here are kits from the first two boxes I opened. I have duplicate kits for several of these, so if someone else gets one you might still be able to get one...just ask.
Kit # Maker Name Price
EST 2051 Estes Solar Probe $18
LS101 MRC Standard Arm $25
EST 2071 Estes CATO $15
EST 0874 Estes Mini Scale Combo $15
EST 1919 Estes Honest John $50
EST 1957 Estes Nike Apache $20
EST 2033 Estes Trident II $30
EST 2044 Estes Solar Sailer II $18
EST 1382 Estes Commanche-3 $18 (old header)
EST 1926 Estes V-2 $50
EST 2034 Estes Deep Space Transport $35
EST 1976 Estes Jupiter C $50
EST 1220 Estes Astron Mars Snooper $55
EST 0892 Estes Little Joe II $35
EST 2019 Estes Titan IIIe $70 (still shrinked)
LS140 MRC Thermal Hawk Glider $10
LS100 MRC Iron Man $50
EST 1382 Estes Commanche-3 $18 (new header)
EST 2016 Estes Explorer Aquarius $25
EST 0896 Estes Mini-Patriot $15
EST 1994 Estes Ram Jet $35
EST 2111 Estes Mercury Atlas $110 (MIB)
EST 1380 Estes Phoenix $35

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