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New launch equipment 5 months 4 weeks ago #3226

FWIW, the new touch display I'm working with is really looking great! The backlighting is very good and allows for reading in bright sunlight. Screen drawing looks much cleaner because it uses a buffered display. There are some issues with the look of buttons and the size of the internal text but I think I can come up with a workable solution. The screen is a little larger than the existing one and has a much higher resolution.

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New launch equipment 5 months 3 weeks ago #3227

The new touch display module is much better than the old one but, due to the many differences in its design, it will require a major rewrite to make it work. I'm OK with that because the new display is that much better. However, that means it's a good time to change some things since I'm re-coding anyway. One of those changes includes selecting the pad to launch. The new display shows the selected bank (Left or Right) and the selected group (A thru H) on the left. The center of the screen shows all of the pads (1 thru 6) with each button also showing continuity. On the right are the arm and safe buttons. This setup will allow multiple pads in a group to be selected and launched.

Since I'm doing a rewrite, feel free to make suggestions.

Oh yeah, I'm also adding key clicks and other feedback tones.

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