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TARC Launch this Weekend 1 month 1 week ago #3262

I think they have all they need, but a mini or 2 couldn't hurt. I think we're all good and I have a couple. First flight will be a test, then if all goes well, 2 Cert flights for submission. The deadline is Monday and it is raining tomorrow so this is last chance.
Their teacher said the rocket has been dieted to 100g less and shortened to 25.625" - that would be .025" above minimum rules length. It has also been given a gloss paint job to reduce Cd. Shorter length should result in less weather-cocking and quicker return to vertical, as well as less drag due to less surface area.
He also said it looks great in school colors.
Based on 650' recorded by JL Altimeter 2 and measured weight, Cd was 0.560 at last launch. Unpainted with 3d printing lines/pattern on plastic, this is certainly possible. It is also possible that the JL2 is a little inaccurate.
They now have a Perfectflite altimeter in accordance with TARC rules. As certifiers, we ensure a safe flight, inspect the model for damage, listen to the beeps and record the altitude, and clock the flight from ignition to landing. I think that's why 2 people are required.

Cheers / Robert
Cheers / Robert

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TARC Launch this Weekend - Results 1 month 1 week ago #3263

Winds from SSW at 6-8mph and much higher (fierce) at altitude. My LOC Photon wind test launch on E20W-7 went between 3/8 and 1/2 mile down-range NNE and was nearly at my house. Being able to drive in the our un-planted cornfield was a help - 10mph rolling lets you cover a lot more area quickly : ) USMC provided a jeep for recovery of rockets. Varying wind speed at altitude became yet another variable for TARC launches.

The NCCC TARC team made two flights to app. 755 feet on an F35W-5 24mm RMS. Second flight had parachute reefed for mission duration adjustment. Total time on second flight of 64 seconds, rocket broke a fin on second landing. For someone with no experience in rocketry and only three total flights, very impressive. Covid makes it more so. The TARC team designed the model completely on their own with no mentor (I was on scene in Feb/March well after the build) and no sponsorship money whatsoever.
The team also managed to remove 100g of weight from the model and reduce Cd so that it went from 652' at the launch in Muncie last month to 755' yesterday.
THANK YOU JOHN from me and the New Castle Career Center and TARC team for attending. The alternative was to make Wendy an instant NAR member Friday prior to Midnight and get her a number : )

Attached are links to Google Drive - vids and stills of launch.

Next year I will have things moving earlier with a rough lesson plan and builds of a basic and advanced Egglifter before they start to design their own. Expect them to be flying basic rockets in September / October.

Cheers / Robert
Cheers / Robert

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