Aerospace club launch

3 weeks 21 hours ago #370 by silgan01
The aerospace club my wife and I host at her school had its launch Friday. Everybody's rocket (we built Flis Kit Thing a ma jigs) flew great. There were a few ignitor replacements required, but launch system worked flawlessly.
We had 10 kids launch their rockets plus i launch a few of my low/slow/lots of smoke rockets (Art Applewhite x-fire, Bi Oc, pinwheel and a Flis Kits Fric and Frac.
The weather cooperated with low winds and a lack of rain, although it was starting to mist towards the end. The kids got to launch their rockets in front of all of the rest of the school kids, who seemed to enjoy it and even cheered for some of their favorites.
Was a fun time for all, I think.
As a note, the X fire flew great even though one of the motors didnt light. Maybe didnt go as high as it would have with both burning or make as much smoke.
Planning on doing the club again next year.

Thanks to Allan for lending his compressed air launcher to us earlier in the year to show the kids in the club what one looked like and what it could do. Used it inside due to weather and managed to easily launch the length of the gym and bounce a few off the ceiling.

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3 weeks 12 hours ago #371 by achoward
Replied by achoward on topic Aerospace club launch
Appears to have been a good time for many.

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