Flight Data from 4-16-22 Launch

1 year 11 months ago #39 by achoward
Here's a link to some data from my two flights Saturday. My EZI-65-II flew on an AT I-175. The onboard MissleWorks RRC3 reported an apogee of 1126'. See printout. My #101 flew on a CTI J-400SS. The Eggtimer Quantum reported 2804' and the backup RRC2+ reported 2811'. Attached is the summary printout from the Quantum. You can download the raw data to a csv file for graphing. This rocket also had the Eggtimer telemetry module that Emet called out the data on. (Thanks Emet!) I didn't have the right plugs to go into the club's PA, but will bring them next time. Finally, there are two GPS traces from the data logger I had on the Eggfinder GPS unit. One shows a ground trace and the other an altitude trace for the J400 flight. These were made by dumping the raw data into Google Earth Pro.

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