The state of the launch system

3 weeks 8 hours ago #48 by admin
OK, I'm ready (finally) to get some other people involved in this. There are three things that I could use help with:
1) Making igniter leads. the new boxes use smaller connectors so they will require all new leads. I'd like to use the new system at the May launch so a lot of leads need to be made.
2) Pre-assembly of the PCBs for the club system. Basically soldering in all the components that won't be transferred from the existing system. Mostly connectors and a few components like resistors.
3) Code cleanup. I've got working code at both ends but none of it is very elegant. I could use some help cleaning it up if there are any C++ programmers available.

If you can help with any of these things send me an email at mperdue (at) indyrockets (dot) org telling me what you can help with and providing your phone number so I can call you to chat about this stuff.


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1 week 4 days ago #49 by admin
Well, I think I've got enough leads made for the launch this month. I'll get started on the pre-build of the circuit boards sometime.

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